Document Inventory Management

Cardboard Boxes being moved onto a shelf in a storage warehouse A and P Records Management, located in Marin County, uses a state of the art bar code tracking system that provides accuracy in managing your containers, files and X-Rays. Using a Master Transmittal List Manifest that the customer generates, each carton is given a bar code identification label. This allows for the detailed tracking of each carton, or a file within the carton, as it is requested for pickup/delivery or returns back into storage. There is a documented audit trail for your assets.

Customer Control

A and P Records Management allows customers to securely monitor and manage their account, from any computer. Authorized users are required to provide account numbers and passwords in order to place orders or access data. This can be done 24 hours a day from any computer on the web. Customers have controlled, and secure, access to their information at any time, all of the time.

A and P Benefits

  • Advanced records management software to manage your business documents.
  • Free 24-hour web access to securely monitor and manage your account, from any computer.
  • Records indexing and retrieval for any carton, file, or document
  • Classification, retention, and destruction services based on a customer’s specific schedule
  • 45,000 square foot code compliant, modern day fire sprinkler systems; and 24 hour security alarm system in place that is directly connected with police and fire departments.
  • All A and P Records Management employees have gone through a criminal background check.
  • Data backup performed continuously to an online encrypted data source.
  • Secure, permanent destruction and shredding of sensitive information done on-site.

Our Records Management system is excellent for storing and tracking x-rays and other sensitive files and documents.

Only authorized personnel, designated by the customer signing the agreement, are authorized to make requests of A and P Records Management.

Reduce costs, reduce risk, save money, save time. Contact A and P Records Management today.

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A&P serves  

The North Bay Area, Marin and Sonoma County including Novato, San Rafael, Petaluma, Corte Madera, Larkspur, and San Anselmo.